Hawaiian Horticulture is a business organized at the request of local consumers for easy
access to quality growing supplies at competitive prices and, above all, customer service.  
We carry locally produced fertilizers including our own line of soils,
organics, citrus foliar spray, and hydroponic nutrients.

Not only do we breed our own varieties of vegetables and ornamentals; We also carry a wide selection of native Hawaiian plants.


hydroponic nutrients

Organic Soils





Hawaiian Horticulture is a certified disease free nursery!!

We are now certified to ship, certian plants, to CA, TX, AZ, FL, and LA!


organic pH adjusters

Tropical Plants

Native Hawaiian Plants

Tropical Garden Seeds

Hydroponic Supplies

Window Shopping
For immediate bloom stimulation.
Vegetative Nutrient
Full 3 part system for $25 plus free shipping!! feb only




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